2019 US International Fashion Fest & Music Awards aka Golden Artistic Award(GAA) offers a unique opportunity for the industries professionals to network with an international community of creatives and showcase their work.

Official Categories:

IFFMA Outstanding  Fashion Music Awards Categories.
Outstanding Foreign Music
Outstanding Lyric
Outstanding Music Note
Outstanding  Music Directer
Outstanding Music Producer
Outstanding Documentary Music
Outstanding Music Advertisement
Outstanding Music Video Production
Outstanding Photography
Outstanding Fashion in Music Video
Outstanding Hair Stylist
Outstanding  Make Up
Next Int’l Up & Comer Male Musician

Next Up & Comer Female Music
IFFMA Special Appreciation Award
IFFMA Outstanding Fashion Music Award

IFFMA Golden Artistic Awards Categories.

Best Music Video
Best Music Producer
Best Male Musician

Best Female Artist
Best Male Artist
Best Up & Comer Female Artist
Best Up & Comer Male Artist
Best Lyrics Video
Best Special effect music video
Best Music Video Editing
Best Choreography
Best Creative Music Video

Best Country Music
Best Hip Hop
Best Rap
Best R&B
Best Heavy Metal
Best Foreign Music
Best Dance Music
Best Dance Group