Showcasing and Celebrating Independent

Talent in Film, Fashion and Music

The International Fashion Fest & Music Awards (IFFMA) is a quarterly Film, Fashion & Music awards celebration created in 2016 and has grown to an annual event held in Los Angeles in October. This event serves as a platform to introduce national and international talent to key individuals and companies who will benefit from their works.

IFFMA’s Mission is to promote and recognize those that exemplify the best talent within their metier

The awards show is a multi-cultural event honoring talent from all over the world. All of our awards shows have brought together filmmakers, producers and fashion designers from the United Kingdom, Asia, North and South America, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

All talents’ work will be viewed by an international panel of judges consisting of industry professionals. Awards will be based on the best in each category. Multiple submissions will be accepted for each category.



We accept submissions of all genres but do value topics related to current affairs, politics, and on-going events.
The selection of Nominees will be announced on our website and social media pages on Sept. 1, 2019.

There are three stages to the submissions process:

  1. The US International Fashion, Film  and Music Awards (aka GAA) will showcase at least 12 different awards
    Each Winner  we designate as an “Official Selection” will receive a high-resolution “.png” image of our awards laurels to be used for marketing and promotional materials as the filmmaker deems fit.
  2. Once the official selections have been identified, IFFMA’s international jury will select one winner in each category. The award recipient will be honored with a custom made GAA Trophy, Award Certificate and, a high-resolution “.png” image of IFFMA’s award laurels with the “WINNER” label to be used as the winners  sees fit.
  3. The ‘Best of the Year Music Award‘recipient will receive the IFFMA Golden Artistic Award.The recipient, with permission will be featured on our website.